Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 2--Finney, ER, and Saying We Have No Sin

Good discussion was had this morning regarding chapter 2 of CC which aimed at the disappearance of sin. The chapter was a bit laborious for some, but don't lose heart. The content is well worth it.

Some of my notes from today are attached if you are interested.

I can't recommend the White Horse Inn enough so give it a listen. Here's the link.

Go forth and don't be a pelagian like Finney!


“To Hell with Sin: When ‘Being a Good Person’ Excuses Everything” (Wall Street Journal, 1999), 35. Horton then says “Isn’t it slightly odd when the world has to complain that the churches are no longer talking about sin?” (35).

Given that this matter of ignoring sin occupies the central spot in the chapter, here’s an exercise for us in the form of two questions:

What happens when the church stops talking about sin?
1. The biblical gospel is doomed to irrelevance (Christ died for our sins 1 Cor. 15:3).
2. The church will stop proclaiming the gospel.
3. The church will resort to redefining biblical truths (Jesus, His birth, His death, His resurrection). I say this because things like atonement and reconciliation don’t really make sense and they are not important. Jesus will be the example and the life coach. His death will model sacrifice and love for people as good as you and me , His resurrection will be inspiration for overcoming obstacles or the like.
4. The church may grow (in the short run at least).
5. The church will raise a generation of moral therapeutic deists.
6. We have prostituted the name Christian.
7. The church is doomed to irrelevance (illustrated by the ER video, at least until they ruin it at the end!).
What is a reasonable response from us given this silence about sin and therefore the gospel age?
1. Recognize how big the problem truly is.
2. Know about sin biblically.
3. Know the gospel.
4. Teach about sin and teach the gospel.
5. Be unashamed of the gospel which demands that sin be talked about and understood.
6. Know something about history so when we are acting like Pelagius, we will at least know it.
7. Be a church that seeks to be clear and faithful.
8. Train others.