Sunday, October 10, 2010

Get your history “ON”

Doctor David Martin Lloyd-Jones is a favorite British historical figure of mine who really was valiant for truth in the last century. He was an M.D. turned Bible teacher who had a profound impact that reached across the globe. Having stumbled across an insightful message he preached at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia in 1972, I thought of you men and wanted to share it. There are some interesting insights from the man they used to call “the doctor.” I commend the message to you. I also commend his little book called “What is an Evangelical.” The only downer is that you have to subscribe to the Westminster audio thing, but being hassled by their email solicitations will be worth it. Here is the site. Once you get there and subscribe, listen to the message entitled “Justification and Evangelism” by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I plan on listening to the others also. You may be interested to know that he had a major falling out with the otherwise formidable J.I. Packer because even way back when, Packer was soft on sacramentalism (as he has been with the ECT in more recent years). How does this relate to our reading? It relates because Lloyd-Jones was opposed to Pelagianism and semi-pelagianism which is something we have been learning about from Horton. Personally, I don’t embrace all that Lloyd-Jones says, even in this lecture, but I am quite fond of him and wanted to share.