Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your Own Personal Jesus

“While evangelicals talk a lot about truth, their witness, worship, and spirituality seem in many ways more like their Mormon, New Age, and liberal nemeses than anything like historical Christianity” (Horton, Christless Christianity), 161.

This is so, according to Horton, because we have become functional Gnostics (2nd century heretics!). We are our own authorities and what we feel or experience personally is “true” as long as we are sincere about it.

We had some good discussion about this today that included the need to not overreact into rationalism and ignore the fact that God is personal and therefore personally involved in this world. Jesus is personal, but he is not whoever I want him to be.

Enjoy the video of the man in black covering the Depeche Mode song. The video is a mix and not the actual Cash video.