Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The BIG Payoff

Reading, Reading, Reading!
Just a few days ago I had the exciting opportunity to answer someone's questions about the gospel. It wasn't at church, it wasn't in a class, and it wasn't the time to pull up a theological textbook on my iPhone. It was the time to explain the truth about Jesus from the Bible. What prepared me? Certainly the Spirit of God was working and for Him I am thankful! But what also came into play was what I had grappled with, considered, and worked through in "the study." In other words, it was the hard work of studying that proved eminently practical in my opportunity to help someone and by so doing love them. The moral here is to find motivation to do the hard work of learning. Do the hard work of learning because it is worth the investment. 

For Tuesday, December 18 we have an article that you will likely find difficult. But given that it is about the important matter of Christ's righteousness being credited to the believer so that we might be justified, it is well worth the effort! The essay is Do This and Live by R. Scott Clark. Pick up your copy at the OBC bookstore if you have not already and make the investment in learning. Do it for your edification, for the love of your neighbor, and for the glory of Christ.