Friday, March 1, 2013

Irrationality LOST

"God has not been so sparing to men to make them barely two-legged creatures, and left it to Aristotle to make them rational" (John Locke). Oh, wait, the dude from Lost didn't say that, it was the guy from the 17th century. Silly me. But you will find that quote in the reading for next time and it will deal with loss of reason. Instead of reading from Pushing the Antithesis for Tuesday, March 5, please read Tools for Apologetics by Bahnsen (parts one and two). These also appear in his book Always Ready which I have found to be a much more readable book than the one we have been working through. As always, come ready for some edifying discussion. 

The next book will be Holiness by Grace by Brian Chapell. It is a helpful and hopeful change from a "just do more" and "just try harder" approach to spiritual growth. One line from the intro will give you a good taste--"True grace produces joy and promotes godliness" (13). Looking forward to learning more together about such grace!