Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jesus Wants You to Attend

The next installment of Theology for Breakfast is about to break. So why miss some precious sleep to talk theology with other guys on Tuesday mornings at 6:30? One of the countless reasons to join Theology for Breakfast is because Jesus wants you to attend. OK, not exactly, but in a roundabout way. According to our Lord, each of us is to love God with all of our faculties, including our minds. This is worship. This is avoiding idolatry. This is right thinking paving the way for right acting. This is a good idea! So secure a copy of Pilgrim Theology by Mike Horton, read the opening section (pp.14-23), anticipate the superb aroma of Peet’s coffee, and show up at Omaha Bible Church Tuesday morning, September 3rd to engage.