Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Patron Saint of Biblicism

“The truth of biblical language must be vigorously protected with non-biblical language. Athanasius’ experience was critically illuminating to something I have come to see over the years, especially in liberally minded baptistic and pietistic traditions, namely, that the slogan, “the Bible is our only creed” is often used as a cloak to conceal the fact that Bible language is used to affirm falsehood. This is what Athanasius encountered so insidiously at the Council of Nicaea. The Arians affirmed biblical sentences” (John Piper).

*Arius was the first patron saint of biblicism as he insisted that only biblical words be used in theology. In case you are not aware, he was a heretic.

Chapter 2 of Sacred Bond is the reading for Tuesday, September 30th. The covenant of works will be in view which is SO VERY IMPORTANT to our understanding of so many things. Enjoy!